Friday, November 26, 2010

sorry to all~

I'll not activated this blog..
goodbye everyone!
May Allah bless me n y'all always
may straight to my last semester this jan-may 2011
pray for me n I'll pray for y'all too..
be the best person as you are~
you can do it!
this is the last words that I want to say,
"I'll never forget the relationships,laughs,sad,and any other else that create a strong friend's relationship between me n you guys!, as long as I'm alive, as long as i breathe, as long as I'm not sick..yeah, never forget it!, Insya'Allah.."
I'm really appreciated what y'all done to me, no "heartsick" (only me and Allah will know it), I'll be stronger than before, YOU AND ME ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! believe it!
~thank you again and again!
no regret~